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The intersection of social protection and mobilities: a move towards a ‘Practical Utopia research agenda
AuthorRaithelhuber, Eberhard ; Sharma, Nandita ; Schröer, Wolfgang
Published in
Mobilities, 2018, Vol. 13, Issue 5, page 685-701
PublishedTaylor & Francis, 2018
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (EN)social security / mobilities / migration-security nexus / social policy / citizenship
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The intersection of social protection and mobilities: a move towards a ‘Practical Utopia research agenda [1.19 mb]
Abstract (English)

Currently, a number of contributions in mobility studies are looking for fruitful intersections with other ‘adjacent approaches . In this spirit, our theoretical paper argues to study one particular aspect: the intersection of social protection and mobilities. Currently, the provision of social services in the ‘West is strongly entrenched within nation-state logics, which assume that clients immobility is a precondition of service delivery and that national citizenship is the desirable conditionality of gaining social rights. To overcome such a wide-spread conflation of social security with state security, we introduce the heuristic concept ‘social protection. It allows social security to be imagined beyond a state-centric perspective and avoids the pitfalls of either a citizenship or a migration approach by taking on a mobility perspective. Thus, for scholars anchored in mobility studies we propose how to develop a social security perspective in a progressive way. For readers from other areas, e.g. citizenship, migration or social policy, we will show how a mobility perspective enriched by a No Border approach can overcome a narrow Western, statist and static perspective on social security. Our goal is to conceptually open up what we call a ‘practical utopia research agenda, one that expands our political horizons for future and present socialities.

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