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From solgel prepared porous silica to monolithic porous Mg2Si/MgO composite materials
AuthorHayati-Roodbari, N. ; Berger, R. J. F. ; Bernardi, J. ; Kinge, S. ; Hüsing, N. ; Elsaesser, M. S.
Published in
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, New York, 2018, Vol. 2018, page 1-8
PublishedNew York : Springer US, 2018
Document typeJournal Article
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From solgel prepared porous silica to monolithic porous Mg2Si/MgO composite materials [1.33 mb]
Abstract (English)

Mg2Si is apart from its conductivity properties expected to be a promising candidate for thermoelectric applications due to its low toxicity, low costs, and the high abundance of its precursor chemicals. Through the addition of a homogeneous distribution of nanoparticles (e.g. MgO) and by reducing the size of Mg2Si to the nanometer regime, it is possible to decrease the thermal conductivity by increasing phonon-interface scattering and, as a result, improve the thermoelectric properties. However, classical approaches do not allow for the synthesis of nanocomposites from Mg2Si and MgO. In this work, a straightforward route is presented towards homogeneously mixed Mg2Si/MgO via a two-step magnesiothermic reduction process starting from solgel derived hierarchically organized porous silica. Monolithic materials composed of Mg2Si and MgO in variable molar ratios are built up from a macroporous network of Mg2Si with homogeneously distributed MgO particles exhibiting a crystallite size in the range of 2437nm.

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