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Towards the applicability of biometric wood log traceability using digital log end images
AuthorSchraml, R. ; Charwat-Pessler, J. ; Petutschnigg, A. ; Uhl, A.
Published in
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Amsterdam, 2015, Vol. 119, Issue 0, page 112-122
PublishedElsevier, 2015
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (EN)Biometric log traceability / Roundwood tracking / Log end biometrics / Cross-section analysis / Log end face analysis
URNurn:nbn:at:at-ubs:3-6688 Persistent Identifier (URN)
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Towards the applicability of biometric wood log traceability using digital log end images [1.67 mb]
Abstract (English)

Log traceability in the timber based industries is a basic requirement to fulfil economical, social and legal requirements. This work introduces biometric log recognition using digital log end images and explores the robustness to a set of log end cross-section (CS) variations. In order to investigate longitudinal and surface CS variations three tree logs were sliced and captured in different sessions. A texture feature-based technique well known from fingerprint recognition is adopted to compute and match biometric templates of CS images captured from log ends. In the experimental evaluation insights and constraints on the general applicability and robustness of log end biometrics to identify logs in an industrial application are presented. Results for different identification performance scenarios indicate that the matching procedure which is based on annual ring pattern and shape information is very robust to log length cutting using different cutting tools. The findings of this study are a further step towards the development of a biometric log recognition system.

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