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GermOnline, a crossspecies community knowledgebase on germ cell differentiation
AuthorWiederkehr, C. ; Basavaraj, R. ; Sarrauste de Menthière, C. ; Hermida, L. ; Koch, R. ; Schlecht, U. ; Amon, A. ; Brachat, S. ; Breitenbach, M. ; Briza, P. ; Caburet, S. ; Cherry, M. ; Davis, R. ; Deutschbauer, A. ; Dickinson, H. G. ; Dumitrescu, T. ; Fellous, M. ; Goldman, A. ; Grootegoed, J. A. ; Hawley, R. ; Ishii, R. ; Jégou, B. ; Kaufman, R. J. ; Klein, F. ; Lam, N.
Published in
Nucleic Acids Research, Oxford, 2004, Vol. 32, Issue suppl_1, page D560-D567
PublishedOxford University Press, 2004
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (EN)cell growth / gametogenesis / genes / genome / genomics / germ cells / meiosis / mitosis / proteome / reproductive physiological process / saccharomyces / saccharomyces cerevisiae / saccharomycetales / vocabulary, controlled / rats / community / knowledge bases
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GermOnline, a crossspecies community knowledgebase on germ cell differentiation [0.36 mb]
Abstract (English)

GermOnline provides information and microarray expression data for genes involved in mitosis and meiosis, gamete formation and germ line development across species. The database has been developed, and is being curated and updated, by life scientists in cooperation with bioinformaticists. Information is contributed through an online form using free text, images and the controlled vocabulary developed by the GeneOntology Consortium. Authors provide up to three references in support of their contribution. The database is governed by an international board of scientists to ensure a standardized data format and the highest quality of GermOnlines information content. Release 2.0 provides exclusive access to microarray expression data from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Rattus norvegicus , as well as curated information on 700 genes from various organisms. The locus report pages include links to external databases that contain relevant annotation, microarray expression and proteome data. Conversely, the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD), S.cerevisiae GeneDB and SwissProt link to the budding yeast section of GermOnline from their respective locus pages. GermOnline, a fully operational prototype subjectoriented knowledgebase designed for community annotation and array data visualization, is accessible at http://www.germonline.org . The target audience includes researchers who work on mitotic cell division, meiosis, gametogenesis, germ line development, human reproductive health and comparative genomics.

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