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Reasons for and contexts of deep theological engagement with other religious traditions in Europe : toward a comparative theology
AuthorWinkler, Ulrich
Published in
Religions, Basel, 2012, Vol. 3, Issue 4, page 1180-1194
PublishedMDPI, 2012
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (EN)theology of religions / comparative theology / Second Vatican CouncilNostra Aetate / postcolonial studies / German catholic theology / church-state relations / spirituality / apologetics / third space / theory of difference
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Reasons for and contexts of deep theological engagement with other religious traditions in Europe [87.96 kb]
Abstract (English)

The different contexts of America and Europe have a significant impact on the development of comparative theology, especially in the German-speaking countries. The latter have found other solutions to the problem of religious pluralism that are not really conducive to comparative theology. Hence, the double responsibility of Catholic theology in particular toward the university and toward the Church is a part of the discourse policy of theology, which affects the theology of religions and comparative theology. On the one hand, theology is under the protection of the state, and on the other hand theology is threatened by the risk of unreliability due to ecclesiastical paternalism. But the theology of religions and comparative theology do not evade into science of religion or neo-orthodoxy, rather, they take a risk in a theological engagement with other religions, bringing ones own faith into a deep encounter with other religions and their faiths while delving into points of detail. After giving short descriptions of these tasks, this article shows some examples of practice in comparative theology and gives a prospect into potential further developments of comparative theology in theories of difference and spaces.

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