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The negotiated benefits of the digitized world
AuthorSilpakar, Sangam
Published in
Vol. 9, Issue 9, page 1-11
PublishedSalzburg : Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg, 2018
Elektronische Ressource
Keywordsprivacy / data / surveillance / digital divide / digital economy
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Abstract (English)

More than two decades ago, proponents of technology envisioned complex technologies and opportunities it would present to advance human life. Many of their predictions, like that of technology as our companion, a helping hand and a confidante have already come to life as Artificial Intelligence, computational journalism, news aggregation and algorithmic personalization take over. However, the optimistic cyber-utopians failed to encompass other less positive implications which are now apparent. Today, technology (dis)empowers us. On the one hand, users can participate in digital economy as ‘prosumers without engaging in traditional institutions. On the other hand, users are required to barter their data and privacy to enjoy benefits of ‘free platforms and networks. Such negotiations have furthered the gap of digital participants into active; who actively contribute digital content, passive; who only observe or consume content over the Internet and switched-off groups; who do not yet have access to such platforms and infrastructures. Sophisticated technology and accompanying ‘dataveillance, or the constant tracking and capturing of users online activities offer more disadvantages than benefits. Although techno determinists have reiterated that control is in the hands of the users; the vast, unregulated networks point to a less than ideal path.

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